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Hello! I am a singer and songwriter from a town called Dalkeith, which is not far from Edinburgh iScotland.

I started my career singing and writing songs some years ago here in this fine establishment...





having only about 2 songs written at this point, and after being coaxed up onto the  stage at the rainbow bar and grill open mic night i spent the rest of that summer playing around jam nights and open mics in Los Angeles 


since returning to Scotland and the UK i have been playing my music up and down these fair Isles aplenty! i have also released my debut E.P which is available on iTunes and the usual retailers, and i hope to release my next EP very soon (work in progress!)


thanks a lot for stopping by and i hope you like the music!

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(general) press release below - please feel free to download/drag over to your desktop if required!





Mark Corbett Music

Crocodiles EP

Listen to my NEW single Pack Your Bags! on SoundCloud here - click on the player for more tracks free downloads and more!

Mark Corbett Music

Stream and download the remixed and mastered Crocodiles EP on Bandcamp here!

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